April 08, 2014 01:20 AM

Courtesy Katy Perry

Katy Perry apparently takes the title of her album, Prism, very seriously — at least when it comes to her hair. The star’s had red, blue, purple, blonde and black hair, and now, with the latest addition to her hair color canon, her full spectrum is almost complete. “SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING by my bb’s @neeenaboo & @brantmayfield at the @mcmillansalon 🌴😜🌴😜” Perry captioned the photo, which shows her jet-black bob dip-dyed a range of emerald hues.

And this was no spur-of-the-moment mane change. Last week, Perry told E! that this shade was on her radar already. “I’ve wanted to go slime green for a long time. It’s spring time and I think it’s time to freshen up my look,” she said. “I’m really excited about slime green, but I hope my hair doesn’t fall out.”

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We’re not sure what’s with the fixation on that particular “slime” shade — to us, this look is much more of a mix, with hues including teal, forest, chartreuse and grass (to say nothing of her brunette roots), whereas we associate “slime” with the color of Gak. But we do know that Perry isn’t one to stick to one style for very long (she confesses she already hates her bangs), so we look forward to seeing what color comes next.

What do you think of Perry’s green hair? Is this a favorite Perry look for you?

–Alex Apatoff

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