Katy Perry Stars in Gap's 2021 Holiday Campaign: 'It's a Bucket List Moment'

The pop star recorded her own version of The Beatles' iconic hit "All You Need Is Love" for Gap's new holiday spot

Katy Perry Headlines Gap’s Holiday 2021 Campaign, ALL TOGETHER NOW
Photo: Courtesy Gap

Katy Perry is feeling the love.

Perry, 37, teamed with Gap for the brand's All Together Now holiday campaign and it marks a full-circle career moment for the pop superstar.

"One of my first jobs when I was 16 was folding the fleece aisle at Gap in Santa Barbara," she tells PEOPLE. "They would play this iconic playlist of musicians. My dream then was to make that Gap playlist — to make that Gap playlist was so cool, all the cool kids were on it. Little did I know that 20 years later, I would be starring in one of those iconic Gap commercials. It's just such rite of passage. And I got to cover a Beatles song. It was a little bit of a bucket list moment."

As part of her Gap partnership, Perry recorded her own rendition of The Beatles' megahit "All You Need Is Love," an experience she found fulfilling and nerve-wracking.

"You don't want to mess up a Beatles song," she says. "And also once you put it out on streaming it just exists forever. That's just tragic. So I took my time with it."

For every stream of Perry's new track on Spotify, Gap will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the nonprofit charity Baby2Baby – an organization that provides children living in poverty with the basic necessities.

"I got to pick my charity of choice, and as I found out it is a huge responsibility bringing a life into this world," Perry, who welcomed daughter Daisy Dove with fiancé Orlando Bloom in August 2020, tells PEOPLE. "The basic needs sometimes can be overwhelming, and I can't imagine how some people can't even meet those basic needs. Diapers and formula and all this new stuff that is necessary. It's just a feel-good thing, and that's priceless to me."

<a href="https://people.com/tag/katy-perry/" data-inlink="true">Katy Perry</a> Headlines Gap’s Holiday 2021 Campaign, ALL TOGETHER NOW
Courtesy Gap

For the TV Spot, Perry wears all the Gap heritage classics, including a Gap logo sweatshirt and denim jacket as well as a hot-pink sweatsuit.

"I got to wear pink sweats in the commercial. I never wear sweats. That was nice," she says. "The Gap sweatshirt is iconic. It's even so iconic, there's this crazy secondary market of like vintage gap clothes. You find these in high prices on whether it's eBay or special collectors places, because it's just so iconic and such a staple and people want it from like the early 2000s."

As for her own off-duty uniform, Perry is all about vintage "mom" jeans right now, scoring a pair of Gap's popular 1969 Premium High Rise jeans.

"I've always wanted them, but every time I ever went to a store to get them, they were always sold out, so I definitely had to get them this time," she shares. "I've been wearing those out and about all the time — they are a staple piece. I'm just wearing them all around Santa Barbara."

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