The star gets another shade in the hair rainbow

Get your Katy Perry Hair Bingo cards out, because you’re about to mark another square. The star has taken her hair from “slime green” to vivid red — and she’s reached into our collective childhoods to come up with the perfect shade.

Katy Perry Red Hair

Courtesy Katy Perry

According to the star, all of her inspiration shades came straight out of your elementary school toy box: “Got dat hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink do by @majormoonn,” she wrote on her Instagram (referencing Danny Moon, the colorist behind Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner‘s vivid strands). She also drew another comparison in the photo, putting the shot of her newly dyed locks next to a shot of Animal from the Muppets. “HAIRSPIRATION: I AM AN ANIMAL,” her Insta text declared.

We’re hoping the themed Jack-o’-Lanterns on her Instagram also indicate that she’ll be going as the insane drumming Muppet for Halloween, but knowing Perry, they’re more likely to indicate that this is just her hair color of the month for October. After all, she’s been green, pink, purple, blue, blonde and black, so she’s still got to hit yellow and orange before her rainbow is complete.

Loving the new look? What’s been your favorite Perry color so far?

–Alex Apatoff