The Mystery of Katy Perry's Constantly Changing Blonde Has Been Solved

Join us on our thorough investigation of Katy Perry's recent tour de blonde

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Katy Perry can pull off any hair color she pleases. She’s been blue, purple, pink, green — you name it, she’s tried it. So when the star recently updated her strands to a bold orange shade, and then transitioned to a lighter blonde long bob, then an even lighter platinum crop, we thought for sure she was just transitioning into her finished look. But as it turns out, the queen of color changes hasn’t actually pulled the trigger.

It all started back in January when the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer appeared to have bleached her dark brown strands to a bright orange shade, before showing up to the Grammys with a totally believable, lighter golden shade with brownish roots. Then, during New York Fashion Week, she debuted an even brighter, platinum hue and a new bob length: a clear, seamless transition — or so it seemed.

The star even told the People/Entertainment Weekly Network on the Grammys red carpet (above left), “Honestly, it was kind of the last hair color I haven’t done. So I was like: ‘I guess I’ll be blonde now!’ I guess this is it.” She followed that up a few days later at the Marc Jacobs show, sporting her super-platinum short bob (above right), which she was still sporting when she landed in Europe for London Fashion Week (below).

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But the day after, she stepped out in her longer, golden blonde look yet again (below), proving that everything we’ve thought to be true has been the result of a really believable wig.

Katy Perry Greeting Her Fans At BBC Radio 1
Katy Perry
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On Wednesday night, Perry hit the Brit Awards red carpet in an updo that created almost as many questions as it answered. Her “faux-hawk” of slicked, tight knots down her head, showed off a golden blonde hue and dark brown roots without a ton of room for some lace-front wizardry, leading us to believe that it’s actually what her hair looks like underneath it all.

Then, sure enough, she changed into her longer, darker blonde hair for the after party…

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but not before sharing a Snapchat shot of her wig on its stand, solving the mystery once and for all.

Katy Perry/Snapchat

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