The actress looked on fire sexy in the look she and Zac Posen dreamed up together—by text!

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated February 11, 2016 01:39 PM

Katie Holmes wore Zac Posen to the N.Y.C. premiere of her film Touched With Fire, a love story between two poets suffering from bipolar disorder (played by Holmes and Luke Kirby). But she didn’t stop there: She also had the designer himself on her arm as her date, along with her mom, and two sisters, Holly and Nancy.

Katie Holmes Zac Posen Touched with Fire

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Holmes hit the red carpet in a body-skimming navy halter with a triangular cut out in the back, a fresh face and a metallic cuff. And each detail of Holmes’s look had apparently been decided between Posen, the actress and her A-list style team.

“It was a pleasure to dress her, a joy, because she is a friend,” Posen told People exclusively on the red carpet. “She loves clothing. She even had her own fashion line. We text ideas to each other. We thought, ‘Do we do a gown, a suit? Brooks [Brothers, where Posen is a creative consultant] tonight.’ But we decided she needed to bring the glamour.”

Posen said he also had some influence on Holmes’ hair and makeup. “It’s all collaborative,” he noted. “We’re all in dialogue with her whole team. Twenty minutes ago, we had a red lip. But the red lip came off; we thought the dress had so much elegance to it and simplicity, it didn’t need the red lip.”

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Holmes corroborated Posen’s design-by-text story. “We always do,” said the female lead of the film. “We text a lot anyway. And he was so kind to do this tonight. He’s got his Brooks Brothers show on Sunday and his own show on Monday. So it was really nice of him to let me wear this.”

So what’s the magic text message that results in a gown like this? “I just said, ‘Simple,’” she said. “And then, ‘Whatever you think.’”

The final result was a hit, judging by the big smiles she gave while posing with her family. And Holmes’ mom, Kathleen, was also beaming when talking about her daughter’s film. While seated in a booth at Lincoln restaurant for the film’s afterparty, and later joined by Holmes herself, Kathleen told People, “I’m very proud of her. Yes, she’s very talented . . . this film is a true gift.”

What do you think of Katie Holmes’ dress? Do you think she should bring back her fashion line?

–Jeffrey Slonim