Kathy Griffin Tearfully Responds to Mean Comments About Her Curly Hair: 'This Is How It Grows Out of My Head!'

"I'm not saying my days of blowouts are over. I'm just asking you to accept me for my curly-haired self," the comedian said in an Instagram video

Kathy griffin
Kathy Griffin. Photo: FilmMagic

Kathy Griffin is asking fans and followers to "accept" her natural curls, after reading negative comments about her signature hair style.

Over the weekend, the comedian, 60, posted a video of herself holding back tears as she defended her look. "This is how it grows out of my head!" she wrote in the caption.

"Alright, I'm making this video because I've been getting some social media hate because of my curly hair," the star began. "A lot of, 'Girl, you've got to get rid of that hair.' A lot of, 'Girl, we don't like your hair like that.'"

"Well, this is how my hair grows out of my head," she responded. "It always has and it always will. I'm a ... curly-haired, red-headed lady."

Griffin continued, "I'm not saying my days of blowouts are over. I'm just asking you to accept me for my curly-haired self."

And the message was well-received! Many of Griffin's followers (including fellow curly redhead Debra Messing!) left supportive comments under her post and said they "love" her curly red hair.

"I love you just the way you are!" one person wrote. A second added, "Love it! I'm embracing my curly hair this year too. If people don't like it, not our problem, right??"

The actress and comedian is known for her red hair, but back in 2017 Griffin made headlines when she shaved her head to stand in solidarity with her sister Joyce as she underwent chemotherapy while battling cancer.

In a series of photos posted on Twitter, Griffin posed alone and topless in front of bushes outdoors, smiling with pride and holding her right hand on her bare head.

Griffin's late mom, Maggie, who became a social media star in her own right, tweeted that her daughter Kathy was a "wonderful human being."

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