The 37-year-old actress appears to have a new life motto: "Short hair, don't care!"

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated May 21, 2016 09:45 PM

Katherine Heigl has a a short new summer ‘do.

The 37-year-old actress showed off her cropped new cut in an Instagram from stylist David Babaii — her luscious locks pushed back to reveal her glistening forehead.

Katherine Heigl

David Babii/Instagram

“It’s hard to explain the love we have for this beauty,” Babaii captioned the post. “She’s a friend, she’s an animal activist, she’s an amazing talent, and now she’s rock’n a new killer short cut.”

“Today we had a blast like we always do,” he added.

Makeup artist Debra Ferullo provided Heigl’s natural look, adding a bit of pink to her cheeks and lips.

Heigl recently told Howard Stern that she regrets comments she made about previous projects
Grey’s Anatomy
Knocked Up
— and sought therapy to deal with the anxiety she felt about being branded “difficult.”

“I started going because of the scrutiny – and I was not handling it well,” she said. “I was feeling completely like the biggest piece of s— on the bottom of your shoe. I was really struggling with it and how to not take it all really personally.”

After realizing she was acting timidly on sets to try to avoid being labeled difficult, Heigl says she decided she need to work on her self-esteem and learn how to accept herself and ignore others.

“I was like, ‘This is nonsense. Stop it. Get some help and own your voice.’ ”

What do you think of Heigl hot new look? Are you missing her long locks? Let us know!

— Dave Quinn