Katherine Heigl has gone from full blonde to brunette for her role of Tully Hart in the upcoming Netflix series Firefly Lane

By Georgia Slater
September 04, 2019 09:00 AM

Katherine Heigl is taking fans behind-the-scenes of her latest hair transformation.

The actress, 40, revealed in an Instagram post on Tuesday that she has gone from blonde to brunette for her role of Tully Hart in the upcoming Netflix series Firefly Lane, adapted from the Kristin Hannah book of the same name.

Heigl snapped a selfie of her new ‘do in the car while wearing oversized sunglasses and a chunky pearl necklace.

“If you haven’t caught my stories this will be a shock for you… #tullyhart #FireflyLane #nextroleforthisgal,” she captioned the picture, referring to her Instagram Story series which followed her hair transformation process.

The 27 Dresses actress took viewers step-by-step during her hair dying process as she spent the day in the salon with a glass of champagne and an Elizabeth Gilbert book.

“Starting the #TullyHart transformation today!” she wrote, still blonde, of the first mirror selfie.

Katherine Heigl Instagram
Katherine Heigl Instagram

“Oh Deanna, don’t hide. You can’t hide Deanna,” she joked panning the video to her stylist.

Heigl showed off “step one” as complete in a second story as she let the dye soak into her roots.

Katherine Heigl Instagram

“Step two is complete…” read the third post as the hairdryer blasted in the background.

Katherine Heigl Instagram

Her final story from the salon showed off the new look with a selfie, excited to share that “it took 3 hours and 3 processes but…I’m a brunette!”

Katherine Heigl Instagram

Heigl later added a few more photos and videos, joking with her husband Josh Kelley that “a little role play might be a good idea” to adjust to her “dramatically” changed hair.

Wearing bright red glasses and her hair up in a bun, Heigl approached her husband saying “good evening Mr. Kelley … I just need to do a few routine tests,” seemingly channeling her former Grey’s Anatomy character.

“Are you comfortable with a female nurse?” she continued as the two joked around.

Katherine Heigl Instagram
Katherine Heigl Instagram

The actress’ final video zoomed in on a giddy Kelley, who Heigl said agreed to the role play idea.

The series, which follows Hart and her best friend Kate over a span of 30 years, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is currently in production.