And he still speaks to her to this day

Kate Winslet is very good at acting. She’s less good at cutting hair.

The star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, and revealed if her acting career hadn’t ended up working out, becoming a hairdresser was her Plan B. But when she actually tried to put her skills to the test, she realized she better keep auditioning until she hit it big.

“I started by cutting my own hair, obviously, as one does,” Winslet shares. “I was going to a wedding and my mom booked us these hair appointments at a salon, which was a big deal in my house, like we did not go to hair salons ever. But I thought I would help her out. I think in my brain I was thinking I’d save her the money or something, so I went underneath the kitchen table and gave myself a haircut.”

"The Mountain Between Us" Special Screening
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

But it didn’t end at an under-the-radar chop on herself. In fact, things took a turn for the worse when she got her hands — and scissors — on her family friend’s mane.

“Then, alarmingly, after that story, a family friend who was a fully grown man, allowed me to cut his hair, and I cut off a piece of his ear,” she says. “I actually saw it fall. It was like a little nick, it wasn’t like a chunk. It was really upsetting.”

No, he wasn’t mad. Instead, she says, they still speak — and he considers it his “claim to fame … He’s proud of his little bit of missing ear.”

Long story short, her career as a hairdresser never took off — but she’s just fine sticking with acting.

Watch the full clip above. And tell us: what’s your biggest hair disaster?