'13 Reasons Why' 's Kate Walsh Relaunches 'Boyfriend' Fragrance

Eight years since the release of her first perfume, Boyfriend, the actress is relaunching the fragrance with a fresh message


Kate Walsh is bringing her Boyfriend back!

Eight years since the release of her perfume, Boyfriend – which quickly became a top seller at Sephora and HSN, the actress is relaunching the fragrance with a fresh message.

The actress explains that when she initially released the scent with tag line ‘The only one you need’, “I was playing into the fantasy of a boyfriend, or this idea of a relationship, and having that memory. But now I feel like it’s more [about] having that relationship with yourself, self-care, indulgence and pampering. So, it could be [referring to] a boyfriend, [but] maybe you’re the only one you need.”

“We’re really excited,” Walsh, 50, tells PEOPLE of her scent’s comeback.

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Stephen Busken / Boyfriend Perfume

Walsh hopes the fragrance, a “combination of florals, pines, musks, amber and vanilla” makes “people feel sexy, cozy and warm,” she says.

While the initial launch was hugely successful, the actress admits that being in the fragrance biz also had its challenges.

“I wanted to do it myself because it was all creative. I wanted to have direct access to my fanbase and to the market. I felt like I could create something that the market actually needed.”

She continues, “It was incredible and an amazing experience, but what I did not anticipate was in-store marketing costs, the need for newness and the pace. It was too much with a full time job.”

Now, the lifestyle brand that includes perfumes, candles and pulse point oils, Walsh is back in the swing of things.

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