The model sat down with PeopleStyle for the latest installment of our 5 Questions series


While you would think the first thing people would notice about a supermodel like Kate Upton would be her preternaturally good looks or enviable physique, she admitted to PeopleStyle in our 5 Questions video series, appearing in conjunction with Link AKC smart collar, that more likely than not it’s not her eyes that people are immediately drawn to, but her dog’s! She doesn’t blame her boxer Harley and his overwhelming adorableness for stealing a little of her spotlight, however, she’s happy playing second fiddle, noting that if people notice anything about her it’s probably her smile and her “very dramatic laugh.”

And given that you can regularly find her on red carpets dressed to the nines in the latest high fashion apparel, you would think that Upton would have experienced her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, but the model admits she’s never suffered anything too extreme. She said, “Luckily, I’ve never had a fashion malfunction that was traumatic, like my entire body was hanging out, but I do feel like I’ve shown a little bit of my bra, or worn the wrong color bra…” Upton takes everything in stride though, adding, “that was probably the worst case, and my stylist probably got more mad than I did.”

She also confessed that her favorite body part is her eyes because they’re so expressive, even though “sometimes they give me away.” And over the course of her relationship, she says there’s one trick she’s learned to keep everything going smoothly between her and her betrothed: buy two of every beauty product because it’s pretty much guaranteed her fiancé Justin Verlander will swipe one of them from her. Sounds like the secret to a long, happy marriage to us.

What did you learn about Kate Upton? Does your S.O. borrow beauty products? What’s your secret to a happy relationship? Sound off below!