Kate Upton Talks About Planning Her Honeymoon, Having Kids and Where She Keeps All Her Magazine Covers

The bikini model is really looking forward to married life, even if her husband-to-be won't take her on a safari

This week, Kate Upton landed her third cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, firmly cementing her bonafide all-star bikini babe status. But just because she’s an international supermodel and has graced the covers of everything from SI to Vogue, that doesn’t mean the swimsuit-clad superstar is letting it all go to hear head. In fact, despite what people may think, she doesn’t exactly keep her home plastered with her own editorials. “It’s really strange to have a picture of yourself in your house,” she tells People Now, “but everyone always assumes I do. So anyone who comes over to my house…they’ll be like, ‘Oh, can you sign something for my cousin?’ And I’ll be like sure, waiting for them to pull out a magazine, and they’re like, ‘No, just go grab one of your magazines.’ I’m like, ‘They’re not laying around, they’re not like by my bed stand!'”

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As for her upcoming nuptials, the model wrote on Instagram that her wedding plans are simply, “fun, party, tequila and food,” but on People Now she shared a little bit more adding that though the wedding plans are coming along, “we haven’t done any details. We are getting married, but it’s really hard. Everyone’s always like, invite whoever you want, do whatever you want, don’t feel bad about it, but you feel bad!”

And considering she’s traveled the world shooting in exotic locales on behalf of her career, finding a fun, new place to honeymoon is no piece of cake either. “I want to go on a safari for the honeymoon so bad, but he’s not…I don’t know,” the model says, “Every year I tell him I want to go on a safari and every year for a gift he’ll get me like a stuffed animal tiger. Or like flowers from Africa, not the same,” she laughs, “Like you want to go to the zoo?” As for their future family together, she adds, “We definitely want kids, but hopefully not anytime soon, but of course, you know, oopsies happen!”

But back to the reason why Kate is currently making the talk show circuit, not only did the model land the coveted cover for the third time in her career, but to celebrate the magazine gave her three different covers for this year’s launch. So of course we had to ask the swimwear star to break down her various look on the SI red carpet. “Here’s what I’ve noticed, it seems that men really like this one, or respond to this one,” she told People, pointing to the cover in which she wears little more than some white string wrapped around her body.


“Women really love this one, which while shooting I feel a lot like Cleopatra,” she adds referring to the topless shot featuring a very dramatic collar necklace and belly chain. As for the cover with a glittering moto jacket, the model concludes, “I feel like fashion insiders really like that one a little bit more.”

What do you think of Kate’s third cover? Are you looking forward to seeing what she wears on her big day? Sound off below!

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