March 13, 2015 07:55 PM

Kate Moss is everyone’s style inspiration. (So many stars look up to the iconic supermodel and her effortlessly cool wardrobe.) But whose style inspires Moss?

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“I always think Nicole Richie looks good. I like the way she dresses,” the supermodel told PEOPLE, adding, “She puts her outfits together really well; she always looks relaxed, but great.” (Talk about the ultimate compliment.)

The St. Tropez Tan ambassador also opened up about her beauty routine. And yes, she has some self-tanning horror stories.

“The first time I experimented with self-tan was when it first came out. I was really young and ended up leaving my socks on and just doing my legs,” she said. “Orange legs from the ankle up and a white foot — nice! I was scared for a while after that.”

Now, Moss, 41, is an expert self-tanner, and she revealed that she rarely leaves the house without a little faux glow.

“You can get away with a late night with a tan,” she said. “It covers up a multitude of sins and it also makes you look more defined.”

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As for the rest of her beauty routine, the star’s favorite product can be found in the freezer — an ice cube, which she uses to calm her face.

“I saw Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest — she did it. At the time I thought it was mad but now I think it’s great to take down any puffiness you might have in the morning time and tighten up your skin,” she said. “It works best with cucumber too.”

What else did we find out about Moss? Her daughter always wears her clothes (“I don’t have a choice sometimes!”), she loves Bella Freud perfumes, and the oldest thing in her closet is a vintage John Galliano jacket. She’s just. that. cool.

What do you think of Moss’s ice cube trick? Do you admire Nicole Richie’s style? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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