Hint: It involves ice cubes

Kate Moss is an expert in many things: modeling, street style dressing, being every designer’s muse … we could keep going. But when it comes to skincare, the supermodel says she’s not the best at dishing out advice, as her go-to beauty trick is a bit unconventional.

Kate Moss beauty tips

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In a recent interview with W magazine, Moss, 42, confessed her biggest skincare tip to achieving her best-looking complexion: dunking her face in ice water. (Yes, seriously.)

So, inquiring minds want to know: Where did the supermodel vet pick up this rather extreme beauty trick?

“No one! I just watched Mommie Dearest,” she exclaimed to W magazine. “That’s what she does, isn’t it? I first thought, that’s insane, then I was like ‘Hmmmm.’ Those old school tricks work! With slices of cucumber and you just put your face in it and you definitely wake up.”

Moss says not even her mom could have taught this shocking trick for great skin to the supermodel, considering skin maintenance wasn’t a big beauty priority growing up in London.

“…Back then, no one really did,” the supermodel said of the lack of skincare knowledge she received when she was younger. “I don’t think English people do, in general. It wasn’t a big thing. Now it’s getting big.”

So big that Moss’ 13-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, has joined in on the fun and is a bonafide makeup maven.

“Oh, she knows more than me now,” Moss said. “She’s into natural, organic. Now, she’s into mascara and beauty blogs and stuff.”

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But going back to the whole dunking your head in a tub of ice to tighten skin, Moss says she best prefers the freezing treatment in the early hours of the day to, you know, help wake her up.

“When I’m at work and it’s an early morning and you’re still asleep, really, then I do it,” she said. “It’s so good. It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface.”

For those feeling brave enough to dunk their own heads in a tub full of ice, good luck.

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–Sarah Kinonen