The modeling icon tells the story behind the photos that launched her to international stardom

Kate Moss‘ ionic modeling photos may now be shared all over social media as inspiration, #mood and #TBT content, but long before that Moss reached supermodel stardom all on her own without the help of a feed. While she’s now one of the biggest supermodels in the world, and perhaps of all time, back in the ’90s she paved the way for an entirely new aesthetic of beauty in the industry, ignoring detractors who initially branded her as too short, too thin, and too alien-esque. Nonetheless, Moss continued on to pose for some of the most legendary covers and campaigns, including her iconic 1993 Calvin Klein Obsession shoot which she did with then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti and which catapulted her to international stardom. And in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar the super talks candidly about what that experience was like.

“I think Calvin was really clever. He knew there was going to be something…” Moss says of the Virgin Islands vacation the designer sent her and her then-boyfriend Sorrenti on. She continues, “I knew it was a job, but I thought it was going to be a right laugh. It was the only time I got paid to go away. It’s never been like that since. Mario worked me like a dog. He was more professional than I was. He didn’t stop taking pictures even when I was sleeping. I was like, ‘Leave me alone.’ I’d wake up to the click of the Pentax. I don’t remember relaxing. I remember working. I laid down on that couch for days. Days! For days, he’d say, ‘Stay there and don’t move.’”

Credit: Nikolai von Bismarck

And when a whole slew of never-before-published photos from that 1993 shoot were recently released so that they could be used for the brand’s new Obsessed fragrance campaign under the new leadership of creative director Raf Simons, Moss says, “It was like seeing home movies. I don’t tend to cry, but it was so nostalgic.”

Now, looking back on those photos she shot when she was just 19-years-old, Moss sees them in an all-new light, saying, “Oh, my God, we were so young. I showed them to my daughter [14-year-old Lila Grace], and she said, ‘Oh, Mommy, look how little you were.’”

Credit: Nikolai von Bismarck

The supermodel also explained that she thinks those ’90s images remain so salient today because of their honesty and purity and the genuine relationship between artist and muse that can still be so palpably felt within those photos. “People can’t take pictures like that anymore. The photos weren’t styled. There was nobody doing my hair and makeup. It was just raw. It captured a moment in our lives.”

She continues, “You couldn’t re-create them or that feeling. We didn’t have anything to lose and didn’t care what people thought. It was seven days on our own. It was very passionate. Mario and I were young and we were in love.”

As for her relationship with Mario Sorrenti today, while they’re not still lovers, there is still a lot of love left between them. “He’s like my brother,” Moss explains. “It all comes full circle. I don’t want to sound jaded, but we’ve been in the business so long. We’re too aware. We’re professionals now.”

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