By Monique Jessen
March 27, 2008 05:02 PM


We’ve been chalking up Kate Moss‘s radiant appearance to boyfriend Jamie Hince, but it turns out it’s actually all thanks to the ultimate rock chick turned eco-beauty junkie Jo Wood. The wife of Rolling Stone rocker Ronnie Wood and founder of the Jo Wood Organics beauty line tells PEOPLE at her Everyday Range product launch how she convinced the supermodel to go organic. “I opened her fridge to see what was organic and there was nothing. I started telling her how important it is for her little girl.” And the mom of five-year-old Lila Grace is now almost 100% converted, including using Jo’s beauty line. “Kate loves the stuff, she loves all the oils,” adds Wood. As for the model’s bright complexion, Wood chalks it up to her new organic food regimen. “It’s amazing she can get away with it. She still likes to have a good party, but her skin looks good still. I told her! You have to look after your skin but it’s what you put in you as well.” So where should an organic beginner start? “Read the labels,” Jo says. “Once you start reading labels then you only want to have things that you understand in your products.” Consider us converted.