December 08, 2017 12:15 AM

As her hair grows out from a buzz cut to pixie ‘do, Kate Hudson continues to find new ways to style it.

The actress, 38, has been battling the in-between stage by brushing her longer layers to the sides, but on Thursday, Hudson found hair inspiration from ’90s dreamboat-turned-Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Who wore it better?” the mother of two captioned a side-by-side comparison photo of herself and DiCaprio from the December 1997 premiere of Titanic when he was 23-years-old.

For the picture, Hudson emulated the actor’s style with shaggy tips and throwback waves.

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Back in July, the style star debuted her cropped, buzzed hairstyle for her starring role in an upcoming movie, Sister, written and directed by Sia. It’s the most drastic haircut Hudson has had since she found breakout success in 2000’s Almost Famous.

“I’m starting to go through the first awkward stage of [it] growing out,” Hudson told Ellen DeGeneres in October of her short hair.

“I was thinking like, bringing the mullet back,” she said while pondering what she’s going to do when it does get a little longer. “I’ve been kinda off my Snapchat game, but I think if I had a mullet I’d be really on my Snapchat game, so it’d be good for my social media presence.”

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