On Thursday, Kate Hudson stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about how she's contemplating rocking a mullet once her buzzed off hair grows out

The mullet may be back — at least for Kate Hudson.

The actress, 38, stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show this week where she discussed her new shorter ‘do, a cropped, buzzed hairstyle that she originally debuted in July. She made the dramatic move to star in an upcoming movie written and directed by Sia.

“I haven’t gotten itchy,” she said of her look. “But I’m starting to go through the first awkward stage of [it] growing out.”

While pondering what she’s going to do when it does get a little longer, she said: “I was thinking like, bringing the mullet back.”

“I’ve been kinda off my Snapchat game, but I think if I had a mullet I’d be really on my Snapchat game, so it’d be good for my social media presence,” she continued.

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Asked whether he boyfriend, musician Danny Fujikawa, liked her new haircut, Hudson replied yes. “I hope our relationship can transcend hair,” she added, after Degeneres said that some guys don’t like women with short hair. (“I haven’t gotten any,” the host joked.)

The couple were first spotted kissing during an L.A. lunch date in March and then they made their red carpet debut in May after attending the premiere of the movie Snatched, starring Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn.Since then, the couple has been spotted all over the world, from going for a night out in New York City to celebrating Hudson’s birthday together in L.A. to Cambodia, where they took a trip together in June.

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hudson and boyfriend Danny eat lunch at Bubby's restaurant and shop at Playing Mantis in Tribeca in New York City
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And while Hudson may feel like her Snapchat presence isn’t where it should be, she can’t say the same about her Instagram game.

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During the interview, Degeneres also brought up a video Hudson recently posted on her Instagram of the fit actress working out using bottles of rosé instead of barbells.

“It’s actually, I can say, it was a nice burn,” Hudson noted. “And a real good reward. And you can do it with anything — you can do it with vodka or tequila and you can figure out what kind of weight you can do.”

To intensify your workout, Hudson suggested: “You can get a magnum and get real serious.”

Tell us: What do you think of Kate Hudson’s growing-out ‘do?