The actress buzzed her famous locks for her latest movie role

By Emily Kirkpatrick
August 07, 2017 09:52 AM

Kate Hudson is the latest in a long line of female A-listers to take the plunge and buzz of her traditionally lengthy locks. However, unlike her newly shorn contemporaries, like Cara Delevingne who has demonstrated a myriad of fresh ways to accessorize her close crop including metallic faux tattoos and silver paint, Hudson has preferred to keep her own cut closely under wraps. She even donned a wig with a similar cut and color as her old hair just one week after shaving it off. And now the actress is once again covering up in the same straw fedora.

Kate was spotted leaving a dance studio in Los Angeles after getting her sweat on, wearing an outfit that seems pretty standard for a woman who founded a subscription service athleisure line. The Bride Wars star showed off her abs in a strappy black bra and black floral print leggings which she paired with black circle sunglasses, a black tote bag, black flip-flops and plenty of snacks.

Credit: W Blanco/BACKGRID

Kate kept her cut totally under wraps in the same straw fedora with a black band she previously wore with a wig. The actress cut off all of her hair for her role in the film Sister, written and directed by the Australian singer/songwriter Sia based off a one-page short story the “Chandelier” singer wrote eight years ago and also staring her pint-size music video muse Maddy Ziegler. While Hudson may be covering up her head because she’s not a fan of her new look, it could also be that she simply wants the bold buzz to be even more impactful when we finally see it on the big screen.

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