The 40-year-old actress reflects on some of her most famous photo shoots for InStyle magazine's 25th anniversary issue

By katieintner9
August 06, 2019 05:24 PM

A lot has changed in Kate Hudson‘s life since she posed nude for InStyle magazine’s 2001 cover. She had three children, starred in a number of films and launched an athleisure empire. But one thing remains the same. She still feels amazing naked.


In honor of InStyle’s 25th anniversary cover, the 40-year-old actress, along with 14 other stars including Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, reflected on her eight InStyle covers – specifically her controversial 2001 cover where she posed naked.

“This got banned from certain ‘shops’ or ‘establishments’ because it was deemed ‘inappropriate,’” the actress says in the video. “Whatever, we sold a whole bunch of them.”

The cover features Hudson at age 22, a year after she starred in Almost Famous, with chain mail “strategically placed” to make her appear naked. But Hudson doesn’t regret the risqué cover.

“To be honest, it doesn’t take a lot for me to take my clothes off,” Hudson describes. “People can say whatever they want, but I like being naked. Always have!”

In the cover story, Hudson also talks about her first InStyle cover in 1996 with her mother Goldie Hawn, which happened after 16-year-old Hudson came home from school to find her mother shooting the cover and unexpectedly joined in.

Hudson also reflected on her 2003 cover, when she was pregnant with her first son, Ryder, and said in the cover story that would never give up her high-heels for pregnancy.

“I was 24, and back then I really didn’t give up my high heels,” Hudson says. “But 15 years later, during this last pregnancy, I sure did.”

Her favorite cover was the 2014 issue, in which she wrote an essay about being a “bad mother” and admitted to locking herself in a closet sometimes to hide from her kids. Her last cover for the magazine was in 2016.

“You see all the influx, all the different body shapes in my life,” the actress adds.