The actress gets candid about her style and activewear line


It’s hard not to be a Kate Hudson fan. She knows how to kill it in a plunging gown. She also knows how to make a bodychain work off the beach. And her hair is always serving up some kind of inspiration. Her latest style feat? Taking athletic wear to a glam level in a look that can only be described as glamleisure.

Kate Hudson style

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The stylish actress and co-founder of the lifestyle clothing brand, Fabletics, wore a sports bra with a pair of silky harem pants to the launch of the label’s FL2 menswear line. And she totally nailed it.

Hudson paired the “Morea” bra top with a pair of Alice + Olivia bottoms and heels for an abs-baring look that hit the perfect balance between sporty and sexy.

She told PEOPLE at Thursday’s N.Y.C. event that while she loves clothes, she’s not constantly in stores. “I don’t shop that much, to be honest. I’m just not a big shopper.”

Hudson attributes her great sense of style to the close bond she shares with her stylist, Sophie Lopez.

“She’s the best,” she shared. “And we work so well together. We’re besties. We just feel it. We look around. We have very similar likes. We try things on and whatever feels how we feel that day is what we go with. We don’t over think it too much.”

The star also takes a relaxed approach when it comes to expanding Fabletics, and said the men’s line was a “natural progression” for the brand. And she’s keeping it in the family. Her older brother, Oliver Hudson, serves as an ambassador for FL2.

“I have three brothers — for me that’s who I have always shopped for, boys to men,” she shared. “So basically, we’ve been formulating it. Then I went to Ollie and said, ‘What do you think? Why don’t you come on and get involved?’ Now, Oliver is going to do what I did with the women’s line. He’ll come in and be the voice.”

Kate Hudson style

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But Oliver quipped that the real reason behind FL2 was his physique.

“My body sparked it. Kate saw me shirtless and was like, ‘Wow, you need to workout. I need to design clothes for you to work out in. This is not good,'” he joked.

He added that FL2 allows men to have more wardrobe options.

“Women put on their yoga pants and look great. Men are either looking like a neon glow stick, or they have to wear clothes,” he said. “This line’s color scheme is great. You can work out and then have your day.”

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–Brittany Talarico