Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Team with La Mer for Mother's Day Ad — and Rani Makes a Sweet Cameo!

The dynamic mother-daughter duo joined the legacy skincare brand for its new Mother's Day Generational Beauty spot — shot by Hudson's partner Danny Fujikawa

After just 30 seconds on the phone with Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, it's crystal clear that their mother-daughter bond is magnetic, perhaps even other-worldly. In fact, the duo's connection is so inviting, it's hard not to feel instantly enveloped by their warmth — like you are absorbing a dose of their infectious energy just by listening to their highly recognizable laughs. So it's no surprise luxe skincare brand La Mer tapped the icons for its new Generational Beauty ad in honor of Mother's Day — and PEOPLE was lucky enough to chat with them about their bond and more.

After a year that left everyone craving touch and some good old fashion TLC, the new La Mer spot filmed by Hudson's partner Danny Fujikawa, shows Hawn giving her daughter a facial massage (or as Hudson says, "Mom is La Mer-ing me") with the skincare line's hero products The Concentrate and Moisturizing Soft Cream.

goldie hawn and kate hudson mother's day la mer ad filmed by Danny Fujikawa
La Mer/Danny Fujikawa

"It's the one day that people get to remember their mothers, which I think is important although I believe we should remember them every day," Hawn, 75, shares in the clip above while reflecting on what Mother's Day means to her. "I [remember] mine even though she's not here right now."

"I also love the idea that I am a mother, and I became a mother and had three unbelievably beautiful children," she adds in reference to Kate, 42, and sons Oliver Hudson, 44, and Wyatt Russell, 34. "That is a miracle. I think life is a miracle."

Hudson's 2-year-old daughter with Fukikawa, Rani Rose, makes her own adorable cameo in branded clips, as Hawn reminds her granddaughter who playfully rubs cream around to "start young."

kate hudson; goldie hawn; rani; LaMer Mother's Day campaign; Danny Fujikawa for La Mer
Danny Fujikawa for La Mer

"Danny is an amazing editor, and he has a good eye for shooting filming content," Hudson tells PEOPLE of her partner, who shot the clips. "So basically we come in like a tornado, and Danny has to then figure out what to do with it."

Hudson, Hawn and Fujikawa concepted the spots themselves, which is no surprise, as everything with their family is a collaboration.

"Mommy wanted to give me a little facial with La Mer's soft cream, which is really, by the way, amazing, and it was actually this wonderful gift that La Mer gave me," Hudson says. "My mom got to rub my face for 25 minutes. And I was so happy to feel my mom's hands."

On their first memories of using La Mer

HAWN: Kate took my La Mer and she took my shoes [as a teenager]. Crème de la Mer was my go-to face cream. It goes right in your skin. It absorbs quickly — it's fantastic. We spent so much time in Aspen and it's so dry there you need to have a thicker cream. And this is my favorite cream, so when I was asked to do this, I said, "I would love to do this because it's not a lie." And I wouldn't do it if it was, I tell you.

HUDSON: Yeah, it was the first real cream mom ever really bought. At Christmas, I got my first La Mer because all I did was go in and [steal hers]. When I was younger, teenage years, and we were in Colorado, she'd put it on my elbows all the time. I remember I'd come in, and my elbows would get really rough, and Mommy would just sort of take them and go, "Oh, come here, honey." And she grabbed the cream and put it on my elbows. The cream, it doesn't necessarily always have to go on your face. You can put it anywhere. For me, La Mer makes some of the best products I have ever used. I've never had a drawer of products, or a skin regimen, that doesn't include a La Mer product. So working with them, it's like when you're working with the best directors. You're working with the best skincare in the game.

On their Mother's Day traditions

HAWN: We're a family of gatherings and love. Back in the old days, we'd always go out and eat for Mother's Day when you were little. Now that you're all grown up, we just want to be together, and all the grandchildren are together. That's really what we love.

HUDSON: You know what's so great about, honestly, our family is that we do that every Sunday. Mom and I, as mom said once, we're definitely codependent. I always live at least 10 blocks away from my mother.

HAWN: It's what we do, and there's a lot of joy. Mother's Day, I think, is a really good thing because it allows people to remember and to think about what it is to have a mother, to be a mother and to be a daughter. All that stuff is extremely important for who we are and for our sense of happiness and our sense of belonging. So I think it's important that we do that. And wouldn't it be great if that was a lifestyle and how we lived all the time? Because we honor each other. That's what it's about.

On why society needs to ban talk of "aging"

HUDSON: Why are we even talking about aging. Who gives a s--t? We all age. I believe that people should live their lives however they want to live their lives. If you want to get a ton of plastic surgery, go live your life. If you want to be natural and have no plastic surgery, go live your life. The problem is we're so judgmental of people's personal choices. And I don't subscribe to that. People just need to do what makes them feel good.

The problem is that everybody feels like they have to say something about other people's choices. "Oh, you should filter or you shouldn't filter pictures." Who cares who's doing what?It's personal. I believe that women from the beginning of time have always been scrutinized. We need to stop scrutinizing women. Period.

HAWN: I think Kate's right. Unfortunately, that's going to be difficult to change. The reality is that we live in a fabricated world. The movies we do, the things that we do are not always real. And people don't really know you, but they feel they love you or hate you or whatever they created [about you] in their own extremely subjective way. When you've had a relatively good career, you can look back at yourself and go "Gosh, I thought I was old then? God, look what I looked like. I looked pretty damn good." And once you're bit older, you realize that worrying about how you're going to look will stop you from living in the moment, enjoying your life, and moving forward, and being grateful for some of the things that you've got. And maybe a few wrinkles, a few sags, are not so bad.

The reality is that we've got to figure out our own philosophy and be brave. Maybe you have surgery, maybe you don't. And I think that's probably another way of looking at it, which is mind your own business, and get old the right way for you.


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