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August 05, 2016 08:20 AM

Kate Hudson has a new pair of shoes in her wardrobe — and they’re taking some getting used to. Despite having told PeopleStyle in 2014 that she couldn’t “wrap her head around Birkenstocks,” the star just invested in a pair of sandals with their iconic double-strap style. And now, she’s “learning to love” the look that she once banned from her closet.

Hudson posted photos on Snapchat over the weekend (which have since expired), explaining that she had once promised herself that she’d never buy a pair of the sandals. But now, they’re a part of her wardrobe, and she needs some time to embrace the footwear trend. The star also filmed a few videos of herself stepping into her new footwear, captioning the clips “Be patient with me,” and “Learning to love.”

The trend-loving actress has embraced most of the ’90s style resurgence, but told People in 2014 that she couldn’t get behind the Birks. “I get it at home, they’re super comfortable, but for me personally I like when things are sexy,” she shared. “I don’t see sexy in Birkenstocks. I just don’t like the way the foot looks in the shoes. They cover the most sexy part of the foot, cut off your toes, cut off your arches. I’d rather wear flip flops.”

Oh, how far she’s come! But she’s not totally on the Birkenstock bandwagon yet. Hudson took a break from her new shoes with a pair of red Dolce & Gabbana flats, writing “Oh thank goodness Dolce saved me…. Almost lost it.”

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