Kate Hudson Cuts Her Own Bangs!

Alex Berliner/Berliner/Beimages

Who hasn’t been tempted to skip the salon and to take a pair of scissors to her own growing-out bangs? Looks like some celebs are actually follow through on the urge. Although Kate Hudson has one of the world’s top hair stylists at on speed dial, she showed up at the SAG awards having done just that. Her stylist — and good friend — David Babaii had planned to create full-on bangs for Kate’s red carpet stroll, but, he exclaims, “Princess decided to take it on her own and cut her own bangs! I was like, you’re nuts!,” he said of his initial shock. “But,” he conceded, “she did a great job!” Babaii ended up playing off Kate’s self-created look for the show and going for a sexy ’70s Playboy feel — while she wore her new eyebrow-grazing fringe full-on for last night’s premiere of Fool’s Gold. And one thing’s clear, if the star ever gets tired of acting she’s got another career waiting in the wings.

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