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Every girl thinks her mom is the most beautiful mom around — and Kate Hudson is no different.

So the Almay spokeswoman enlisted her gorgeous mom, Goldie Hawn, to shoot a Mother’s Day spot for the beauty brand that celebrates the vivacious mother-daughter duo.

Hawn and Hudson exclusively spoke to PEOPLE about all the things mothers and daughters do, from raiding each other’s closets to making (and breaking) beauty rules. See the photo and read their warm, funny Q & A below, and visit Almay’s Facebook page for a chance to win a trip to N.Y.C. with your own mom to get a mother/daughter makeover.

Courtesy Almay

PEOPLE: Kate, was there anything you coveted in your mom’s closet?

Kate: Mom’s closet was always open. Mom was always into Alaïa, so there were all these cute, tight bodysuits that she wore all the time. I always got into her closet when I was growing up.
Goldie: What daughter doesn’t? Katie made her own clothes. She was always her own stylist. If she picked and chose through my closet it was completely out of curiosity. She would always put her clothes together, even when she was a little girl. I was not a buyer of fancy clothes, Katie will tell you. I think she remembers a few fancy things I got her, but she created her own style.
Kate: We weren’t a big clothes-buying family, except for back to school. We were more of an active family, dance and sports; going shopping was really a treat when it happened.

PEOPLE: Do either of you have an era of style or beauty where you’d like to burn all the old photos?
Kate: Let’s see, I don’t know. It’s so weird to be objective. If I was extremely self-conscious, sometimes I just put things on and don’t think about it.
Goldie: Wait ’til you get to be my age. You’ll realize you’re putting your clothes on inside out!
[Both laugh]
Kate: Mom, you’ve been putting your clothes on inside out since I was six.
Goldie: When I was in dancing school, I wore my clothes inside out.
Kate: I was actually looking at pictures of mom in the ’70s that were amazing. Her hair was stringy and wavy and her eyes, her eyelashes, the mascara was incredible and she has this big coat on. Mommy got to live in a time, the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, so much fun.
Goldie: Oh God, style was so great then. I think one of the great eras was the ’70s. We were dealing with a lot as a nation and style was very specific. Today’s style is all over the place. These designers were coming out with prints and edgy ideas. The hip-huggers in the ’70s were the best era, they came up over your hip, lower in the front and back and it was just flattering and beautiful and extreme. It was pretty fabulous.

PEOPLE: Any family rules about when you could wear makeup, get your ears pierced — anything like that?
Goldie: Yeah, no tattoos!
Kate: [Laughter] [Ed note: Oops, sorry mom! She’s got one on the top of her foot.]
Goldie: That was like my big one. Ear piercing we did –how old were you, honey?
Kate: I think I was like 6 or 7.
Goldie: There were rules.
Kate: We weren’t really into rules.
Goldie: It was more about behavior. For makeup and all that stuff, Katie has been putting on makeup since she saw me in the makeup chair.
Kate: It was more behaviorial. I never felt like there were rules, but it was about how I acted.

PEOPLE: Goldie, are you the type of mom to tell Kate, “Stand up straight!”?
Goldie: No, no. I threw her in ballet class when she was very little. She was destined to be in the world of show business because she was very flamboyant. But I wanted her to be able to walk into a room and have presence of body and be squared off. And have that feeling. To me, dance was everything and it raised her that way. I don’t think I was terribly critical. Or I tried not to be. Sometimes she’d say, “Mom, your nostrils are flaring, why are you looking at me that?” But I wasn’t strict like that. Once she decided to paint our toy Maltese, Paula, pink.
Kate: I took blush, I wanted to put makeup on her! I was very little, I didn’t know better.
Goldie: But it was so great because it was artful. I thought it was horrible but it was awesome.
Kate: I think Paula liked being punk!
Goldie: I will never say that Katie didn’t have style from the very beginning.

Tell us: What’s most beautiful about your mom?

–Julie Jordan

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