What do you think of the star's first design collaboration?

Now she merges the two in a new video for Topshop Festival, which comprises both a 16-piece collection inspired by Bosworth’s own personal style as well as a larger interactive component designed to introduce Topshop customers to new music (via surprise concerts, festival guides and more).

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So how did Bosworth’s involvement with the Topshop design team come about? “[Kate] was here working with us on our Christmas project … and [we] were discussing the summer trends and how she had been one of our inspirations,” says creative director Kate Phelan in a statement. “The next day Kate came in with all these incredible images and references and shared what her ultimate festival outfits looked like.”

Adds Bosworth, “Our intent was to create fresh, wearable and effortless festival pieces. I am proud of our work together and I adore these pieces.”

Stay tuned to the Topshop site to see a shoppable video directed by Bosworth’s fiancé, plus even more Festival surprises in the coming weeks. And tell us: What do you think of the first peek at the Topshop Festival collection?

–Alex Apatoff