By StyleWatch
Updated May 19, 2010 05:00 PM

KCSPresse/Splash News Online

Kate Beckinsale might be wowing French fans every night on the red carpet at Cannes, but the leggy actress has come a long way since her first appearance on the steps of the famous Palais. “Last time I was here I was 18-years-old and it was for Much Ado About Nothing, and I was so unprepared,” she told PEOPLE during a brief hiatus from her duties as a juror at the Film Festival. “I bought a body stocking at the airport that was too small so I popped out of it on the red carpet. I had Doc Martens boots on, and I think I put the flower from the breakfast tray in my hair,” she said laughing. “No one told me that you could have a hair and make up stylist! It’s a different climate now of course.” Indeed it is. The 36-year-old British actress now has a dedicated team of stylists making sure she is polished and red carpet-ready every evening, often with several outfit changes planned each night. Her favorite so far? The Il Gattopardo premiere, hosted by Gucci and Martin Scorsese Friday night. For the world restoration premiere of the 1963 film, Beckinsale wore an antique white gown detailed with silver beading from Gucci Première, the new couture line from the design house. “I loved that dress, it was just so pretty,” she said. But even with a team of stylists, it did take some multi-tasking to achieve. “I actually went to the jury meeting that afternoon with my hair in curlers which got a few laughs from the rest of them!” –Monique Jessen