The commenter mistook Beckinsale for her 19-year-old daughter

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On the heels of her 45th birthday, Kate Beckinsale is being confused for her teenage daughter.

Beckinsale celebrated her 45th birthday weekend with a few festivities: she did yoga with goats, spent time with her daughter and ex-husband Michael Sheen, and finished the weekend at an Adam Ant concert on Saturday. The star shared a video of herself at the event, where she’s seen dancing around dressed in a black tube top and black shorts.

But despite the fact that she’s another year older, she obviously hasn’t aged a bit — because a commenter apparently thought the video Beckinsale shared was instead of Lily Mo Sheen, her 19-year-old daughter.

“Why would you want your young daughter to jump around like a naive skimpy-dressed future problem child Kate?” the commenter wrote, adding that if it were his daughter, he “wouldn’t accept doing that all publicly.”

Ironically, Beckinsale didn’t realize that the commenter was inadvertently complimenting her ageless appearance with his mistake — and before she noticed, she jumped in to defend her daughter. “Ummm she’s neither skimpily dressed nor jumping around. Did you eat a lot of cheese and then have a nap,” she wrote in a comment captured by Instagram account Comments by Celebs.

But Beckinsale soon came to the realization that the writer had the wrong identity. “Oh shit ps that’s me dancing around and skimpily dressed,” she clapped back. “So in fact I’m the problem child. But say that to my mom at your peril.”

Kate Beckinsale: 1. Instagram troll: 0.