"It's about feminine rebellion," the tattoo artist said of backlash to one of the lipsticks in her line.

By Brittany Talarico
Updated March 20, 2015 08:33 PM

Kat Von D is under fire again for the controversial name of one of her lipsticks.

After a Twitter user pointed out that the tattoo artist’s Studded Kiss Lipstick line at Sephora includes a shade called “Underage Red,” other women began criticizing the name for “sexualizing kids.”

Caroline McCredie/WireImage; Inset: Courtesy Amazon

But Von D — who was forced to pull her lipstick “Celebutard” from shelves in 2013 — addressed the controversy on Facebook by saying that while she is not apologizing or pulling the shade from her collection, she still felt the need to explain where the name came from.

“I clearly remember wearing a variation of this shade when I was 16 years old. I also remember the feeling of wanting so badly to go see a specific concert at this age, and not being able to get in to the venue because I was underage,” she wrote. “Back then, I was already deeply in love with punk rock music, and although in the eyes of many (including my parents), it may have been inappropriate for me to be wearing lipstick. But I did.”

“Underage Red is not a girly, pink shade,” she added. “It is not a sophisticated, deep red either. It is an unapologetic, bold red. To me, Underage Red is feminine rebellion.”

The reality star also went on to address that her intention with the lipstick — which she says debuted at the start of her makeup line seven years ago — was quite the opposite of how it was interpreted.

“It has NEVER been a goal of mine to inspire sexualization of any sort, let alone promote a destructive lifestyle,” she says. “Anyone who knows or follows me, is very aware of my personal lifestyle choices which include celibacy, sobriety, conscious living and [above feminism], human rights. Although, I would never force my views and opinions onto others, I most definitely find it offensive being accused of the opposite.”

Though the shade remains sold out on Sephora’s website, Von D assures fans that, “it’ll be back in stock as soon as possible for you.”

What do you think of the lipstick name? Is it offensive? Should it be pulled? Share your thoughts below.

–Ana Calderone,