Looking for something in particular online? Celebs can help you with that

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and our own email, we know how much PEOPLE StyleWatchers love to track down celebrity outfits — and how important the pursuit of the perfect piece (or look for less!) can be. And as much as we love to be the authority on all things style, we have to admit we’ve got some competition thanks to The Hunt, an app and website totally devoted to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. You post the picture, and 100,000+ daily active users help you track down the best match. Our favorite part? Some of those users include celebs like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks and Kat Graham.

The Hunt

Broadimage; Courtesy Psyche;Courtesy Victoria’s Secret;Courtesy Zappos

In fact, Graham has been busy helping PEOPLE StyleWatch Twitter followers find outfits they’ve been loving on the site. We asked our readers to share what looks they’re coveting, then started “Hunts” for them, which Graham hopped on to help “solve.”

For example, reader @kateaspencer loved the above look on Cameron Diaz — so we started a hunt on her behalf, and Graham came up with the perfect lookalike outfit, courtesy of Psyche (the shirt), Victoria’s Secret (the skirt) and Nine West (shoes). (See all the matches here!)

And even a $15 find for Jessica Alba‘s snakeskin print skirt, which @roseenvogue asked about.

Convinced yet? (We seriously are about to buy that whole Cameron outfit — love that it’s such a creative take on the star’s Victoria Beckaham dress!) Want to see what Kat or Kylie are up to on the site? Download the app in iTunes now and start solving. Kylie’s already got a challenge out for you:

Have you tried The Hunt? Are you already an expert outfit finder? Tell us what you’re searching for below!

–Alex Apatoff