July 15, 2016 04:36 PM

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If you’ve studied supermodel Karlie Kloss’ street style like we have, you might’ve noticed that she’s got a signature shoe style. “I feel like I can conquer the world in a pair of flats,” the model told PeopleStyle on the set of her new Express campaign. “I think I would look like a crazy woman walking around N.Y.C. in heels since I’m 6’1″ and 6’4″ in heels. Plus, I take the subway, so I’d stand out even more!”

She wears flats for “convenience and comfort.” And because of her active lifestyle (she’s a student at NYU and loves to work out), “I’m also always running around in sneakers. I probably have at least 50 pairs.”

But picking shoes that are easy to wear is part of her larger style philosophy.

“Learning what works for me was a challenge as a kid, especially with my height. But now I use it to my advantage,” she shared. “Like I love wearing high-waisted trousers to make my legs look even longer.”

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Kloss has also found a way to formalize her flats. “I love being super-tall because I can wear flats on the red carpet,” she said. “And I get to wear amazing gowns at a runway show that nobody else could pull off because it’s so long. There are definitely upsides to it.”

Because of her height, Kloss also tends to steer clear of mini skirts (opting instead for midis, like she one she’s wearing with a Vanessa Seward shirt, above). “I definitely do not look good in something that’s too short,” she says. “Everything gets shorter on me!”

And for all you long-limbed ladies, Kloss has some advice: “If you’re really tall, I think you should own it. I think it’s great to find what makes you different and accentuate it, and use them to stand out even more.”

What do you think of Kloss’ flats philosophy? Share below!

–Catherine Kast

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