The supermodel answers a stylish questionnaire with doodles! See her skills

June 08, 2015 10:14 PM

Karlie Kloss knows she has legs for days. The 6-foot-1-inch supermodel answered T: The New York Times Style Magazine‘s Artful Questionnaire — a new series that asks tastemakers to illustrate their responses to a list of questions — and she definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to her height and an art for middle school-style doodling.

Courtesy Karlie Kloss for T Magazine

When asked what portion of her body was made up of her legs, Kloss replied ’99 percent,’ along with the above drawing. (We love that The Karlie stick figure rocks a high side-pony and mini skirt.) Kloss also illustrated what she fantasizes about (“the ocean and vacation”) and answered the one thing a woman should never wear (“a frown”). See her sketches below.

Courtesy Karlie Kloss for T Magazine

Courtesy Karlie Kloss for T Magazine

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What else did we learn about the catwalker? She wishes she was more prompt, her breakfast consists of eggs, avocado, green juice and coffee and she relates to Goofy more than any other cartoon character. See all of her T Magazine illustrations here. What do you think of Kloss’s doodles? What response surprises you the most?

–Brittany Talarico

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