Karlie Kloss Proves Even Supermodels Get Friend-Zoned In High School (While Wearing Dior to Prom No Less)

The catwalk star got rejected by her best friend in high school

Photo: Courtesy NBC

Ask anyone who’s just gone through a breakup or got turned down by someone they asked out and they’ll tell you definitively: love hurts. But we often assume that that’s not the case if you lead the particularly charmed, gorgeous life of a celebrity. In a recent interview, though, Karlie Kloss reveals that it’s not that easy—even if you’re a supermodel. In fact, when she was a teenager, she claims she not only couldn’t get a date to save her life, but she was also also totally friend-zoned by her closest guy pal.

In an interview airing this weekend on the latest episode of Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, Karlie Kloss tells the host, “I went to senior prom with my best friend from high school who came up to about here,” she says gesturing to her waistline (although, to be fair, at 6’1″, most people probably come up to about that height on the model). “I think he was a solid two feet shorter than me, ” she continues. “Willie, I told you that I couldn’t pay a boy to date me. I poured my heart out to him at one point and said, ‘I love you, please, will you date me?’ and he was like, ‘Oh, Karlie, I love you, but you’re a friend. Friend territory. And I was like, ok,” Karlie concludes. “Yeah, he crushed my heart, but that was in eighth grade.”

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Although the supermodel got rejected by her BFF in middle school after confessing her love for him they still found a way to stay friends and even wound up going to their senior prom together. She says, “By senior year of high school, we went to prom together, just as buddies.” But don’t worry because Karlie still found the perfect way to demonstrate to her pal exactly what he had passed up, attending the evening in a Christian Dior gown. “As one does,” the model jokes while flipping her hair. But otherwise, she adds it was just a normal run-of-the-mill prom, well, except for the fact that earlier that same week she also happened to have attended the Met Gala. No big deal.

The extended interview with Karlie Kloss will air this Sunday, July 16 on NBC’s “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist”

Have you ever been friend-zoned? Did you wear anything as chic as Dior to your high school prom? Sound off below!

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