The Kardashian Ladies Continue to Flaunt Their Casual Relationship with Pants

Time and time again the reality TV family proves they won't be restrained by the sartorial rules the rest of us live by

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When you’re a Kardashian, the rules that most people are made to live their lives by don’t necessarily apply to you. This is a world where a $200,000 car for a freshly turned 19-year-old seems just as normal as having a closet exclusively for your workout clothing collection or a wall entirely dedicated to the display of your 15 Birkin bags alongside a neon sign inspired by your collection. So, of course, when it comes to everyday dressing, the first family of reality TV is just as equally flagrant in their refusal to abide by the dress codes the rest of us mere mortals live in perpetual fear of. Most notably, the KarJenners appear to have a striking aversion to ever wearing pants.

For many women, the ability to wear pants everywhere from a yacht to the office is the result of a hard-fought victory in the long road towards female equality (even female senators couldn’t wear them on the Senate floor until 1993!). But in the Kardashians’ world, this particular article of clothing is something to be avoided at all costs as yet another shackle of the patriarchy that must be overturned, all in the name of lampshading liberation.

Kim first pioneered this trend, donning one XXL t-shirt after the next from her husband Kanye West‘s line of merch for his new album The Life of Pablo, forgoingany semblance of bottoms altogether in favor of some very tall boots. The Kimoji CEO must have quickly discovered the beautiful freedom and unexpected breezes previously afforded only to pantsless toddlers, because it’s now a rare sight to see her in anything aside from a long tee that just grazes the tops of her lace-up thigh-highs.

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And clearly, her sisters agree that this is undeniably the look of the summer, throwing their pants on the proverbial bonfire as well. Khloé has put her own spin on this Donald Duck-approved look, preferring to pair her sweat-inducing suede thigh-highs with a slouchy men’s button down (surely, for a little ventilation) and a ’90s-inspired gold choker from Lili Claspe. Kendall has also given her own take on the trend her family made popular, wearing a fresh off the runway Vera Wang Collection look to Kylie’s early birthday party which was really little more than a stretchy workout headband worn as a bandeau top with a sheer scarf tied around her waist (plus, bien sur, some leather spike-heeled thigh-high boots) for a certain je ne sais quoi in the truest sense of that phrase.

While Marie Kondo would undoubtedly approve of the sartorial simplicity of having a closet full of strictly tops and boots, it does make us wonder, how much longer until the KarJenners pioneer the boot unitard lewk and cut out the middleman altogether? (Stupid question; Kim was tw0 years ahead of the rest of us on that.)

Are you prepared to try this trend?

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