Kris Jenner said that Kim Kardashian is currently planning the annual tradition


The Kardashian-Jenner family Christmas card has become the stuff of legends. The first family of reality TV holds nothing back when it comes to crafting the perfect holiday greeting. They’ve done everything from posing in glamorous gowns on the stairs in 2010 to testing out a 3D version in 2011 to a chaotic carnival in 2013. They even shot the next generation in 2015.

But last year, the family opted out of their annual tradition. Sure, timing wasn’t exactly right — it was after Kim Kardashian’s robbery, Khloé Kardashian’s official divorce and more — but fans look forward to the card every year. And lucky for them, it might be set for a triumphant return in 2017.

Credit: Kris Jenner/Twitter

Kris Jenner hinted that the family is currently figuring out plans for a Christmas card shot. “There’s a different CEO of my family every day,” Jenner told PEOPLE at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit last week. “This week Kim is CEO because she’s organizing the Christmas-card shoot.”

When pressed for more, Jenner said it’s still in the early stages. “We’re thinking about it,” Jenner said. “ [Kim is] getting a family poll — a family vote.”

The family has already been spotted getting in the holiday spirit. Kim and Kourtney went shopping together for Christmas trees in October and the whole family was spotted shooting a Christmas special the same month.

So, if the family is voting on the status of the Christmas card, we hope they vote yes!