August 24, 2016 02:23 PM

Bad news for all you Kardashian Beauty fans out there. It looks as though the reality TV family’s eponymous line of products is in for a major shakeup after it was announced on Tuesday that the sisters have won their court case after filing an injunction against the cosmetics company behind the collection this spring.

Earlier this year, the Kardashians took Haven Beauty and Hillair Capital to court, suing them for unpaid royalties after the companies reportedly used their image on the Kardashian Beauty cosmetics line long after the family’s exclusive licensing agreement had already been terminated.

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Meanwhile, Hillair also filed a counter claim of their very own, proposing that the Kardashians fabricated these claims as a means of getting out of the contract they had already signed and only later became displeased with. This injunction was dismissed, however, after the court ruled that the company must consider the contract terminated and stop producing the products immediately, saying that when they stopped paying royalties to the family, they also forfeited their right to use their likeness and trademark.

The Kardashians’ victory means that Haven Beauty will have to immediately cease using the Kardashian trademark, likenesses, or any images of them in concert with their goods or services. That also means the market just suddenly became totally clear for each sister to launch their very own cosmetics empire à la Kylie’s Lip Kits.

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