March 10, 2016 04:02 PM

It came as a surprise to pretty much no one that Kanye West launched into an extended (and seemingly unprovoked) Twitter rant on the current state of the fashion industry Wednesday night. In fact, at this point, “rant” hardly seems like the appropriate word for what he’s doing lately, considering his tweets have taken on a stream-of-consciousness flow that sometimes isn’t even delivered in all caps anymore.

Kanye West/Twitter; Kim Kardashian/Instagram

But with all these endless feuds the rapper begins, only to abandon or delete five minutes later, it can start to get confusing what he’s even talking about anymore or who he’s beefing with at that exact moment. Which is why we went ahead and did you the favor of setting the poetry of Yeezus to photos — not only to educate the masses about Ye’s Twitter Gospel, but also because illustrations speak so much louder than words.

On suit jackets for men:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

On suiting for women:

John Paul Filo/CBS/Getty

Or if we’re going to let his lyrics do the talking: “This is a God dream, this is everything”:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

(Olivier Rousteing is the designer for Balmain)
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“Don’t talk about style, I’ll motherf—n’ embarrass you”:


“You just popped in the Kanye West ‘Get Right for the Summer’ workout tape and ladies if you follow these instructions exactly you might be able to pull you a rapper, a NBA player, at least a dude with a car”:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

“You should be honored by my lateness, that I would even show up to this fake s–t”:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

“Since the tight jeans they ain’t never liked you”:

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

“Real friends, how many of us? How many jealous? Real friends”:


What do you think of Kanye’s take on the fashion industry? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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