Good Luck Getting Inside Kanye West's Worldwide 'The Life of Pablo' Pop-Up Shops

The scenes from outside the shops look like a hypebeast fever dream

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Kanye West a.k.a the Steve Jobs of rap is always trying to pioneer new ways of doing things, whether in his music, the fashion industry, or simply scheming to take all your money. The latter of which he’s currently succeeding at with aplomb, putting a major dent in that $53 million dollar debt with today’s launch of 21 pop up stores across the world selling his The Life of Pablo merchandise with custom pieces made especially for each city. We already told you everything you’re going to want to buy from the rapper’s latest offerings, but as for actually managing to purchase any of those goods, that’s one battle you’re going to have to face alone.

As expected, every hypebeast and their brother started lining up today before dawn to try their luck at getting their hands on some of West’s coveted gothic font-printed apparel, creating lines outside each shop that are longer than the wait for Frank Ocean’s new album. The products on display are generally the same as his first offerings, including t-shirts printed with his lyrics and various vintage jackets with the name Pablo printed across the back, with each city getting their own unique color scheme. But being on the cutting edge of fashion doesn’t come cheap, with baseball hats going for $45, long-sleeve shirts for $75, hooded sweatshirts for $105, bomber jackets for $250, and military jackets for a steep $325. That is if you can even get close enough to an actual item of merchandise in order to fork over half of your bank account.

Don’t let those calm, curated Instagram shots of TLOP merch fool you. Hundreds of people queued up outside the pop-up locations, with many waiting overnight just for a better shot at getting inside and getting their hands on those coveted pieces.

And much like that infamous rule list that circulated prior to his Madison Square Garden, the stores also have a strict new “no touching” rule in place in an attempt to keep product damage and customer fighting to a minimum. Instead, visitors are given a line sheet of merch they can choose from, with many fans taking orders from friends and strangers via social media.

And, of course, it’s only day 1 of this pop-up extravaganza, but people are already moodily posing in their freshly copped merch, much to the seething rage of TLOP-less hypebeasts everywhere:

Clearly, it’s Kanye West’s Ultra Light Beam, and we’re all just living in it.

Would you wait in line to buy Kanye’s TLOP merch? What would you buy? Sound off below!

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