Per usual, the rapper is keeping things tightly under wraps

By Emily Kirkpatrick
September 07, 2016 10:20 AM

Much like Fight Club, the first rule of Yeezy Season is you do not talk about Yeezy Season. But seriously, it seems like every person on Kanye West’s team must sign the most severe non-disclosure agreement known to man considering absolutely zero details about the affair have ever leaked prior to the impossible to get into performance, a pretty much unprecedented feat in the age of social media and ubiquitous cell phones. But Kanye knows you can’t leave your adoring fans twisting in the wind for too long, giving us a smattering of small details and a whole lot of clues about what he has in store for us this fashion week.

So far, information on the event has been scarce, to say the least. What has been confirmed is the day, September 7, which is notable for two reasons. Not only did he choose the same day Tom Ford is showing for the first time in New York to hold his own show, but he’s also kicking fashion week off with a bang, even though big, buzzed about shows are typically reserved for the end of the schedule.

Also, attending editors found out the morning of the show that they would be bused to Roosevelt Island, a small island in New York’s East River, to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. Any editors taking black cars or taxis were warned that they’d have a 15 minute walk (in heels!) to the location — we guess to encourage people to buy their own pair of Yeezys.

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We also know Kanye is casting only multiracial women in his show, a decision that has garnered a fair amount of controversy on social media.

Judging from last season’s turn out, we gather there will be plenty of A-list stars from all walks of life turning out to support the rapper’s latest endeavor, from the biggest supermodels in the biz to a smattering of ex-professional wrestlers. We also wouldn’t be surprised if he used the opportunity to drop yet another new album, perhaps this time his hotly rumored collaboration mixtape with Drake.

As we said, no one except the Kardashian-West inner circle actually has any idea what the G.O.A.T has in store for us this week, but that’s not going to stop us from taking a bunch of wild guesses. Enjoy.

Yeezy Season 4 Will Be All Children’s Apparel

You’ve got to admit, those pint-size yeezy 350s are beyond cute.

The Collection Will Include Exclusive Tour Merch

TLOP is the hypebeast gift that just keeps giving and giving.

He’ll Announce He’s Trading in Yeezy for the Role of Creative Director of Balmain

We’re sure Olivier Rousteing will make a great mini-Ye in his new role, too.

The Runway Will Float Over the Crowd

Because if you spent all that money on a levitated stage for your world tour, you might as well get as much use out of it as possible.

Just Like Moschino, He’s Creating His Own McDonald’s Themed Collection

After all, it is his favorite brand.

The Living Statues from “Famous” Will Be His Models

Turns out they were all naked because the Season 4 shipment hadn’t come in yet.

He’ll Officially Announce His Bid to Become the Next CEO of Apple

Hey, they don’t call him the Steve Jobs of rap for nothing.

Are you looking forward to the next Yeezy show? What do you think will happen?