Kanye West Wears Icy Blue Contacts for 'Wolves' SNL 40 Performance (And Kim Decides to Wear Some, Too)

The rapper wears a bold new accessory -- and his wife Kim decides to match

From his Grammys stunt to his Adidas Fashion Show to his New York City rooftop performance, Kanye West has been everywhere lately. So of course he took the stage at the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration Sunday to perform his latest song “Wolves” with Sia and Vic Mensa. And he sported one very unusual accessory — blue contacts.

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Courtesy Kim Kardashian

West transformed into a “wolf” for his performance, sparking people to share their concerns on Twitter. But Kim Kardashian was definitely a fan of her husband’s new look, so much so that she jumped on the blue-eyed bandwagon with her own pair of festive contacts.

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The Wests have been very busy sitting front row at fashion shows with their 20-month-old daughter, North, after Kanye made his grand return to the runway Thursday.

“It was almost like the Super Bowl of culture in a way,” he told Complex magazine about his Adidas show. “It was like a David Blaine move in some ways. Are the sharks gonna eat me alive? It was, ‘Will he be eaten by the shark tank, or will he survive? Can he hold his breath for this long?’ The three on the back of the Tyvek jacket invites was about the three years that I had been off the runway. And I had to hold my breath for that long.”

And his mark on the fashion world is just beginning. According to the rapper, he can’t wait to expand his influence.

“You know those photos that you see with me getting on my knees in front of the paparazzi to fix Kim’s pant leg? That’s what I want to do for the world,” he shared. “I want to get on my knees and fix everyone’s pant leg, if they’ll have me. If they’ll have me make that adjustment. I want to look at a festival and see what all the kids are wearing, and then say, ‘Hey I want them to feel like they’re wearing the exact same thing, but somehow just a more informed version.’ ”

What do you think of Kimye’s latest style statement? Are you a fan of the blue contacts? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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