The fashion designer is clapping back at Internet haters with a brand new design

By Jillian Ruffo
August 31, 2018 01:46 PM
Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.34.26 PM
Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Kanye West isn’t going to let the Internet have the last word on his too-small sandals.

Earlier this month, the rapper and fashion designer stepped out for 2 Chainz’s wedding in Miami wearing a pair of gray Yeezy slide sandals, which were obviously a bit too snug for his feet. West, who wore the gray slides with matching socks, was seen with his heels hanging off of the backs — and right on cue, the Internet went wild.

Credit: FlightPhotoAgency

But according to West, the shoes actually fit perfectly. The star claims that the look he was going for was inspired by the standards of traditional Japanese footwear, as he explained through diagrams on Twitter that he captioned “The Japanese way.”

The diagrams show that the wooden sandals were to be worn with the heels teetering over the ends, and explain that the foot should land 1-2 centimeters past the end of the shoe.

Now, however, West is poking fun at the shoes in question, with a new, massively oversize pair. The rapper shared a shot of his new footwear on Twitter. “Are these slides big enough,” he asked his fans.

And he also had his Yeezy sneakers made into an oversize slipper-looking version, which he captured a shot of as well — proving once again that his fashion choices are completely unpredictable.