Kaia Gerber Reveals She Gave Herself a Stick & Poke Tattoo While Self-Isolating

"I think I have a newfound appreciation for tattoo artists. It's not easy," the model said

It's no secret that Kaia Gerber is a tattoo enthusiast — so she took it upon herself to get a new one during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic!

The model, 18, already has several tattoos, but gave herself a stick and poke to quench her desire for more ink while tattoo parlors are closed.

"I've been struggling because one of my favorite pastimes was going and getting tattoos, and nobody's been able to do that," Kaia told Glamour in a recent interview.

"So, in the meantime, I gave myself a stick and poke," she revealed.

However, the attempt, which she admitted she does "not recommend," was harder than it looked.

"I think I have a newfound appreciation for tattoo artists. It's not easy," she mused, adding, "I didn't get too ambitious."

Kaia Gerber
Kaia Gerber. Kaia Gerber/instagram

"I gave myself a dot, just so I could be like, 'All right, I got a tattoo this month, I'm cool.'"

Kaia also shared with the magazine some of her favorite pieces of ink.

"I have a Picasso painting on my arm," she said, explaining that it was one of her first tattoos.

"It's hard to pick a favorite!" Kaia continued. "I also have the word mom tattooed on me. I think I was so worried I was going to regret every tattoo I got, and they all represent such an important time in my life, even if the tattoo itself doesn't have much importance. It's like they're all memories, so I don't feel like I could ever see myself regretting them."

Kaia Gerber
JB Lacroix/GC Images

Earlier this year, Kaia showed off an addition to her tattoo collection: an angel on her ribcage. In January, she and brother Presley Gerber got tiny sibling tattoos together.

For that session, Kaia had a delicate flower inked on her left wrist and what appears to be interlocking arms in the shape of a heart tattooed on her right shoulder. Presley, meanwhile, opted for some small finger tattoos.

Presley, 20, raised some eyebrows when he got the word "Misunderstood" tattooed on his face in February, but later defended the choice in an Instagram Live video, saying, "You don’t know how I feel. You’re not in my head."

In addition to the details on her tattoo, Kaia also shared tidbits of her self-care routine in self-isolation in her interview with Glamour, revealing that she's remained focused on skincare, healthy eating, staying hydrated and reading.

"I've had more time to do self-care, which I've been trying to take advantage of," she shared with Glamour. "I've been wearing less makeup and taking more time to make sure my skin is good. I think eating healthy, cooking, and drinking a lot of water has been really good for it. A lot of times I fill up on junk food—when you're working, it's hard to monitor what you're putting in your body. Focusing on my internal health really has helped with my skin."

"Reading is the only thing where I really find myself focused on that singular act," said Kaia, who is currently hosting a book club. "So sitting down and reading in a quiet place has been very grounding for me."

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