Kaia Gerber Dyes Her Own Hair Pink at Home in Kurt Cobain-Inspired Look

The supermodel is embracing a fresh "pink punk" hue that she dyed herself at home

Kaia Gerber Instagram
Photo: Kaia Gerber Instagram

Kaia Gerber took her dream of going pink into her own hands.

Two months after the 18-year-old supermodel dyed her natural brunette hair platinum blonde, Gerber debuted a new bubblegum pink hue — and she did the entire transformation at home!

"pink is punk. watch my igtv to see @guidopalau remotely creative direct my dreams of going pink 💕," Gerber captioned a selfie of her color, which features dark strawberry blonde roots with lighter ombré pink ends, on Instagram.

Kaia Gerber Instagram
Kaia Gerber Instagram

The model also shared a Zoom video call she recorded with celebrity hairstylist Guido Palau, who walked her through the color session step-by-step as she went from blonde to pink in her home bathroom. Her inspiration for the look? Kurt Cobain.

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"thank you @guidopalau for entertaining my hair adventures in quarantine, I have a new appreciation for your craft. sparing you guys the full hour it took to get to this color, but here's a clip of my attempt!" Gerber said.

Kaia Gerber Instagram
Kaia Gerber Instagram

Palau told Gerber to start with damp hair and then she began taking the color formula and massaging it through small sections. "It looks good already!" Palau said as she got started.

"Yeah it's really pretty," Gerber agreed.

Kaia Gerber Instagram
Kaia Gerber Instagram

After placing the dye throughout her head, Gerber massaged it in thoroughly and made sure to show it to Palau to ensure her work looked sufficient. "Maybe just put a bit more in the back," he said.

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Then she let the color "cook" for about 10 minutes. "In the span of quarantine everything that I've never done with my hair, I was just like, 'I'm going to get highlights. I'm going to be blonde and then I'm going to fully bleach it and now we're going to get a mullet and now we're pink,'" Gerber said. "I've always loved people who just do whatever they want."

When the 10 minutes was up, Palau told Gerber to simply rinse out the dye without shampoo, because it acts like a conditioner. "It feels so soft! It actually feels softer [than] before, which is crazy," the model said as she towel-dried her mane.

"I never thought I would have colored hair, but here we are," Gerber added.

Palau said: "Those pictures you sent me of Kurt Cobain, it's now becoming that, right?"

"Oh, slowly. Honestly the first time I had you cut my hair it was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain," Gerber replied. "Slowly every year is another step."

The model also said that the first time she decided to cut her hair short, she truly felt like the transformation "changed her life." She added, "I felt more like my own person. And so I think that's why I started experimenting a lot more with my hair."

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