Find out what inspired her collection

If any country superstar were destined to design their own line of cowboy boots, it would be self-proclaimed “Dimestore Cowgirl” Kacey Musgraves. She’s been wearing them since she was a little girl (paired with braids, bandana and all) and these days, she performs in the coolest pair of light-up boots imaginable. We caught up with the singer to chat about her first style collaboration and to ask what’s next.

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves/Instagram

Musgraves partnered with the classic cowboy boot maker Lucchese for a four-piece collaboration that she “flipped out” over. “First of all, I’m from Texas so I’ve grown up wearing boots. I’ve always been into them,” she tells PeopleStyle. “When Lucchese reached out, I flipped out. I love designing, shaping or creating anything from the ground-up — whether it’s a song or a pair of boots — it’s really fun for me to get in and really put my own spin on something. It was really, really fun.”

Each boot design is inspired by something personal to Musgraves. The “Golden Arrow” pair pays tribute to her 2014 CMA Song of the Year, “Follow Your Arrow,” while the colorful striped “Monterrey” honors her trip to Mexico and the “Gallop” stems from her love of the equestrian world. “It wasn’t an accident that there are personal touches, but also I don’t think I could help there being little bits and pieces of things that inspire me all throughout the line,” Musgraves shares. “I’m just someone who pays attention to every single detail. I just didn’t go to the factory one time and let other people design everything. I really would go over every single detail and it was really fun because I love fashion. I was involved with the colors, shapes and styles — even down to the logo with my signature.”

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She’s been a cowboy boot aficionado since she was very little (“I wore them with bandanas and a denim skirt. And my mom would braid my hair — very country!”), which means she knows what she’s talking about when she tells us that breaking them in is no joke. “It’s kind of tough, and I feel like the only thing that really breaks them in is actually wearing them,” she says. “And not to be a salesman, but I have to say the Lucchese ones mold to your feet the more you wear them.”

As far as more designs in the future, she’s totally up for venturing into menswear. “I have a lot more ideas and designs in the works but we just wanted to start small with these boots. I’d love to see myself doing some men’s designs — I have all these other ideas already,” she says. “[Lucchese] is probably thinking, ‘Slow down, we need to see how this one goes,’ but it’s just really fun to take your brain off of music for a second and just be creative in another way.”

Being creative with fashion does come easy to her — her technicolor sets and sparkly shoes have been turning our head since she hit the scene. Musgraves works with a designing duo, stylist Kaley Atkins and designer Enrique, to help her come up with her performance looks. “They’re amazing and they totally get what I’m going for. I just want my stage outfits to be a modern, sexy take on all the queens of the silver screen — all the stars of the ’40s and ’50s of the country western genre,” she says. “They had fringe and lots of sparkle and very classic cowgirl silhouettes that really inspire me. There’s something kind of edgy about taking it way back.”

But off-stage, she hangs up her minis in favor of stretchy pants. “Whenever I’m off stage I just go for comfort,” she says. “I know that’s kind of lame because I love fashion and clothes, but I think because I spend most of my life on a tour bus, sitting around on the road, I wear a lot of Lululemon and a lot of flattering stuff that’s actually comfortable. Most of the time I’m pretty sure I read as, ‘I’m giving up.'”

To us, that sounds like an opportunity for Lululemon to send her some light-up yoga pants. Or perhaps another collaboration could be in the works? Which pair of cowboy boots is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

–Colleen Kratofil