Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders Front New Victoria's Secret Campaign: 'It's a Dream Come True'

The singer and model open up to PEOPLE about their new collaboration with Victoria's Secret, body confidence and more

Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders Talk Body Positivity and Confidence for New Victoria's Secret Campaign
Photo: Victoria Secret

For Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders, comfort and confidence are one and the same, which is why the dynamic duo is teaming up with Victoria's Secret.

Today, Victoria's Secret is launching its "So Obsessed" collection, highlighting its new wire-free comfort push-up bra. The campaign features the singer/actress, 25, and model, 31, along with other stars including Devon Lee Carlson, Hailey Bieber and Paloma Elsesser.

For the campaign, Skye and Sanders spoke exclusively with PEOPLE about landing their "dream" collaboration, body positivity and what truly makes them feel confident.

PEOPLE: What attracted you to this partnership with Victoria's Secret?

Jasmine Sanders: "I personally have been a fan of Victoria's Secret since like, I don't know, since I was born. I remember literally watching all of the runway shows and wanting to be that girl, being a huge fan of the company and just dreaming of being one of the girls in the store. So finally being able to work with them after so long and working really hard in the industry, I'm just really proud. Especially with the lovely ladies and enjoying time with Justine on set. We had a lot of fun."

Justine Skye: "I would watch the shows every year. My dream was to always perform at one of the shows, but to be in a campaign I never thought would happen. So it's pretty much like a dream come true. Honestly, it was just like a no brainer. And it was just a great shoot, the energy was amazing all day."

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PEOPLE: This is the "So Obsessed" campaign, so what items from the collection are you obsessed with?

Justine Skye: "Definitely the bra. For me, I'm all about comfort in anything that I wear. And sometimes, like I'm sure us women know, bras can be uncomfortable. And this is just like the ideal bra because there's no underwire in it. And I love for my boobs to look amazing, as I'm sure most women do, so I think that just like definitely curves to your body and it's extremely flattering… I feel like if you feel good then you look good."

Jasmine Sanders: "I think that not having that underwire on the bra really sets this bra to the next level. Girls are constantly wearing their bras all day long and then getting home and being like, 'The first thing I need to take off is my bra.' I feel like this is one where you would literally live in it. I personally don't have the biggest boobs so I love a good push up and I love to give the girls some extra love. So being able to pair the cute little bras with like a blazer or something or even like an open two-piece set or something. I think it's a cute little vibe."

"And I also love the kimono because I like to feel luxurious, especially at home. So just wearing the robe around the house and having a nice fabric and pretty colors and everything, I just feel like it brightens up your day and changes your mood a little bit if you're just sitting back at home."

Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders Talk Body Positivity and Confidence for New Victoria's Secret Campaign
Victoria Secret

PEOPLE: What drives your confidence?

Jasmine Sanders: "I'm really big on comfort. I feel like the second that you feel comfortable in your clothes, you can shine and like really take over a room. And that's definitely something that I need."

"I think the biggest thing that I've probably learned, now being in my 30s, is to just give myself grace and compliment myself and not just be like, 'Oh, I'm trying.' No girl, you're doing. You are doing it. You look good in your clothes and feel good about yourself. I was even talking to my mom over the weekend and telling her to accept compliments. It's okay to accept them. But I had to tell myself the same thing. And give as many compliments as you can to women out there and talk up a girl's outfit and do all of those things because we also need to give each other power. Pushing each other and speaking up when we see another woman really doing her thing. I think life is really hard in general so just allowing yourself grace."

Justine Skye: "It's all about just doing what is comfortable for you. And that confidence that exudes through your clothes or through whatever it is on the outer layers, it'll shine through inside."

Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders Talk Body Positivity and Confidence for New Victoria's Secret Campaign
Victoria Secret

PEOPLE: What's your body positive mantra?

Jasmine Sanders: "I literally sit in the mirror and tell myself affirmations while I'm getting ready and constantly just telling myself that I'm just proud of what my body can still do… how I transform in my body. Just accepting and embracing new things about my body as I get older. So I'm just grateful that she's still working and healthy and I just tried to speak as much positivity to myself as I can. Constantly telling myself that I'm worth it, I'm powerful, I'm strong, that your beauty comes from within."

Justine Skye: "That's something that you have to practice daily, it's not something that happens overnight. But the more that you speak those affirmations to yourself, the more your body listens to them, and then you literally become those things."

"Personally, my body fluctuates and each moment of it, I learned to love a different part of myself, a different image of myself. As I get older, I'm experiencing different things with my body and it's all so beautiful. And I'm sure like, as I get older, as I have kids in life, I'll go through more motions of it, but it's so beautiful to watch and see what we can do when we work out really hard, when we just want to chill, and embracing all of those moments. It's amazing."

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PEOPLE: With millions of followers online, how do you both maintain that self confidence and manage your mental health while being on social media?

Jasmine Sanders: "I personally try to just have balance. I try to get off of social media and really just be present and also have those like pure self care days and taking care of us from the inside out. I really just try to have that balance. But I also try to be realistic online and not paint a picture to women that I'm like, some cookie cutter perfect girl, because I'm not like we all go through ups and downs. Things aren't always beautiful and we're all going through it."

"It can be pretty hard and tough sometimes. Sometimes you get a bunch of negative comments and you feel like it's the end of the world but realistically if you put your phone down none of those people are in your space. It's part of my job to be on social media and to be open and everything but at the same time, I don't have to give everything that I give to the world. So I can shut that off at any point. And I think that it's a good thing that we have the option to detox and put our phones down."

Justine Skye: "I surround myself with people that I trust, that make me feel good, because the internet is one thing — and it has its pros and its cons — but the world is still here. If something's bothering you online, sometimes I seem to forget and I'm sure a lot of people do, you can just put your phone down and it doesn't matter anymore."

"If you put your phone down and you like go for a walk, which is something that I like to do, it just releases all of the anxiety or whatever it is that I'm going through in that moment. And you forget about it because you're being present. I feel like sometimes your phone or social media can cause you to not be present in the real world. There's so much negativity online so you feel like that's just what the world is, it's just negative. And it's not, that's not all true. So I just try to surround myself with really, really good people and remember what it is that I'm using my platform for, which is to share my music, share my acting, whatever it is that I'm doing, and try to give people that sense of confidence that I tried to gain."

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