Justin Theroux Says Jennifer Aniston Will 'Kill' Him If He Buys One More Leather Jacket

But they're his signature!

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There are certain universal truths in life. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west and Justin Theroux will always, always dress in jeans, boots and a leather jacket. In fact, he owns so many jackets, if he buys one more it may cost him his marriage. (We kid… sort of.)

He’s said in the past that “it’s always winter from the waist down” in his world, yes, even if there’s “a clambake happening” in his boots. And it’s been that way since he was a teenager. “My style has been the same since I was around 13 years old,” Theroux told Yahoo Style in a new interview. “I wear boots; I wear jeans; and usually just sort of a beat up T-shirt and a leather jacket.”

Despite having a straight-forward wardrobe, he says he loves to shop, but he needs to start limiting his leather jacket purchases. “If I bring more leather jackets home my wife will kill me.”

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Last month he broke down exactly why he’s so committed to his everyday uniform for Elle. “I guess you could say it started as a suit of armor,” he told the magazine. “When I was 13, I kind of got into the punk scene. I realized it was easier to wear a pair of combat boots and jeans and a beat-up T-shirt. I think of it as a uniform: Ya know, if you’re a Maytag man, you put on your bow tie. I still have T-shirts from when I was that age.”

It’s nice to know that no matter what’s happening in the world, we can always count on Theroux to bring us his edgy biker vibe time and time again. (That is, when he’s not jogging on set in sweat pants!)

What do you think of Theroux’s go-to style?

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