Source: Liv Tyler/Instagram
September 06, 2016 11:01 AM

Leather jackets. Combat boots. The uncharacteristic hoop earring. These are all items we’ve seen Hollywood heartthrob Justin Theroux religiously wear on and off the red carpet. But his latest look — a “leopard cape” (yes, seriously) — is far from his traditional rocker aesthetic.

While on the set of their HBO show, The Leftovers, co-star Liv Tyler sneakily snapped a photo of Theroux, just as he was getting a fresh blowout in the hair and makeup chair. And the result? Well, it’s worth more than a few crying laughing emojis.

“This handsome devil!!!!,” Liv Tyler wrote of her 45-year-old co-star, who was caught in the hair chair wearing a downright wild  protective drape before heading to set. “@justintheroux Australia 6:30 am in his leopard hair cape.”

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She added: “The best co star in the world !! I love my job. #theleftovers @hbo 🎥 the leftovers season 3.”

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We don’t know how Theroux doesn’t have it written into his contract that his “winter from the waist down” mantra applies to his pre-show grooming, but we bet after Tyler blew up his spot, he might ask for an extra-tough-guy one from now on!

What do you think of Justin’s leopard “cape”? Share below!

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