As it turns out, the actor is actually very talented at drawing unicorns and ladybugs

By Emily Kirkpatrick
May 23, 2017 02:18 PM

In case the arsenal of leather jackets, all-black-everything wardrobe, a body covered with an impressive collection of ink, and his general insouciant swagger didn’t immediately give it away, Justin Theroux is a bit of a bad boy, or at least he plays the part very convincingly. And as it turns out, he doesn’t just love getting tattoos, he loves giving them as well. In fact, he even once told Vanity Fair that in the past he’s gotten drunk and scribbled a few intoxicated, permanent sketches of things like wolves, yin-yangs, and a skull and crossbones on his dear friend and professional tattoo artist Scott Campbell. So naturally, when making an appearance on late night he brought along his burgeoning body art skills with him, taking them for a sober test drive on Conan O’Brien‘s abdomen.

The actor went on Conan on Monday night to promote his HBO show The Leftovers, as well as brush up on his artistic talents. In case you didn’t know Theroux is a bit of a Sharpie savant, sharing an image on his Instagram account back at the beginning of April of himself giving a couple of impromptu poolside semi-permanent tattoos to Jason Bateman’s two young daughters, much to their father’s chagrin. Something Conan had a whole lot of questions about.

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The talk show host asked, “What’s your best tattoo of all the tattoos that you give to little kids?” to which Theroux replied confidently, “I do a pretty good unicorn, I’ve done that one a couple of times on Maple [Bateman] there, and ladybugs I can do, those are pretty good.”

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Since Conan has no real tattoos, he asked the actor to draw one of his original pieces on him. While Justin suggested a daring neck tat, Conan countered by offering up his oblique to really let this large unicorn rendering shine. And the results were actually very impressive. Maybe next time the late night host will let Theroux give him the real deal, all he’ll have to do is buy him a couple of drinks first.

What do you think of Justin’s tattooing skills? Do you think he should start giving them professionally? Sound off below!