Justin Bieber's Latest Under-Pec Tattoo Rivals Rihanna and Lena Dunham's (but Who Did it Best?)

The pop star added two new pieces of ink to his body art collection

Photo: Source: Justin Bieber Instagram

Now that he’s reached the mature age of 23, it seems Justin Bieber has turned over a brand new leaf, at least according to himself. He’s replaced the sugary sweet pop schtick of his youth in favor of a more adult, electronic club sound, and likewise with his personal life he’s also attempted to distance himself from the rebellious days of his youth spent drag racing his car, egging people’s homes, abandoning pet monkeys and penning cavalier comments to Anne Frank.

Instead, the musician has attempted to demonstrate to the world that he is a totally changed man you can let your kids look up to. But even though his heart may now be in the right place, he still can’t escape his bad boy appearance, especially considering his penchant for constantly expanding his collection of body art – a collection which got two new additions over the weekend.

At first, you may not have noticed the latest pieces of ink to adorn Bieber’s body given that the last time someone counted, he had 56 tattoos covering his 5-ft.-9-in. frame. That’s a whole lot of ink per square footage. But the singer remarkably managed to find some physical real estate still left untouched – namely his chest and under-pec area – for his latest additions.

First, Bieber added a snarling head of a grizzly bear occupying the space on his left pectoral muscle right in-between the large cross in the center of his chest and the tribute to his mother, the year 1975 in roman numerals, right under his collarbone.

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Not one for subtlety when it comes to his body art, Bieber went even bigger for the second addition to his collection. Perhaps he was inspired by Rihanna’s underboob-grazing tribute to her grandma and the Egyptian goddess Isis, or Lena Dunham’s more recent homage to bad gal Riri with her “warrior’s chest plate/t-t chandelier,” but either way, he now has an “underboob” tattoo of his very own.

Source: Lena Dunham Instagram
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Source: Justin Bieber Instagram

The reformed troublemaker got a bald eagle with wings spread and talons outstretched sandwiched between another recent addition, the “Son of God” ab tattoo he got in November, and the word “Purpose” in cursive over his belly button. Let’s just hope these latest body art choices aren’t something else Bieber will only feel “Sorry” about later.

Now that you’ve seen all three, tell us: Whose is your favorite ribcage tattoo?

What do you think of Bieber’s new tattoos? Which is your favorite? Sound off below!

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