The "Sorry" singer laughed about the police encounter on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday

Justin Bieber‘s latest fashion decision could have landed him in hot water with law enforcement.

On Wednesday, the “Sorry” singer, 25, revealed on his Instagram Stories that he was questioned by a police officer over his Off-White X Nike Air Max 90 sneakers.

The shoes, which are from a sold-out collaboration between the iconic sports label and designer Virgil Abloh, feature a white zip tie looped through the laces.

Clearly not a sneakerhead who recognized the coveted shoes, the officer who stopped the star thought the design feature was a security tag — and apparently was concerned the Lamborgini-driving Bieber may have stolen the shoes.

“Virgil, my God, bro. You freaking — you’re killing me, man!” he said on his story as he showed off the designer shoe that matched his khaki pants and tagged Abloh. “I just had a cop come up to me and ask me why I still had the security tag on my shoe. What the…”

“I had to tell him, ‘Bro, it’s just fashion,” Bieber explained. “I don’t know. He’s like, ‘It sure looks like a security tag.'”

Added Bieber: “I’m like, ‘Nah, bro, you can check it out.’ It looks like it though… but you’re getting me in trouble!”

Justin Bieber’s sneakers
| Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

The sneakers, which released in January, are part of Abloh’s collaboration with Nike. While they originally retailed for around $160, the limited edition sneakers are so desired by fashion fans that they are being resold for around $600.

Bieber has also dabbled in the fashion industry, most recently launching his new clothing line, Drew, which is a nod to the singer’s middle name.

His collection dropped online in January with a selection of YT-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts, along with several beige corduroy pieces, emblazoned with the Drew log and a smiley face. The collection ranges from $48-$148 and includes all unisex pieces, with the website encouraging shoppers to “wear it how you want.”

According to the website’s “About Us” page, Drew House is described as a “place where you can be yourself. Blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. Wear like you don’t care. Come chill. K. Bye.”

HAILEY BALDWIN AND JUSTIN BIEBER is very happy while leave Joan on third in los angeles, ca
Justin Bieber
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Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, is often seen representing her husband’s brand. In November she was spotted in West Hollywood rocking a black oversize Drew hoodie with white leggings.

The fashion venture by Bieber came ahead of the singer’s announcement that his music career would be taking a back seat as he continues to repair some of his “deep-rooted issues” in treatment.

The Canadian crooner — who began seeking treatment for depression in February — explained in the lengthy social media message that part of his desire to prioritize his mental health came from a desire to “sustain” his marriage to Baldwin, 22, and live up to the expectations he had created for himself as a future father.

Hailey Baldwin
| Credit: Shotbyjuliann / Splash

A source close to the star told PEOPLE that Bieber chose to update his fans on why they won’t be hearing new music any time soon as a way to relieve pressure.

“He doesn’t want to leave them hanging. He knows they want an album, but it’s just not gonna happen right now,” the source said. “He wants to be honest about why. He only wants to focus on his health and that’s it. He doesn’t want to feel any pressure and doesn’t want to disappoint.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
| Credit: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

According to the source, Bieber debated over whether he should share his most personal feelings — but has no regrets.

“He thought a lot about what he wanted to share with his fans and he is very happy that he did,” the source said. “He has no doubt that he will come back stronger and better eventually. He wants to be able to give his fans amazing music and shows when he tours again. He is convinced he will be able to when he is ready.”